Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How is your site found on the Internet?

How is your site found on the Internet

Thousands of users signing on each day really helps get the word out about your web site, service, product, event or announcement. But wait a minute, how does it start, how to the search engine spiders know about your site and what actions can you take to help them get there.

When people a searching for a product or service o the Internet then they use an Internet Search Engine. This is the number one way of finding your website.

This method account for over 80% of all the traffic your web site receives. But what can the webmaster do to assist the possibility of a persons search landing on your website real estate.
One of the best ways is to build up link popularity. Make as many links as you can using sub domains, link exchanges, Blogs and press releases.

How does this work?

Well you start typing, talking, using your video, sound recorder, PowerPoint, handing out leaflets and business cards, all in an attempt to saturate the media with your specialty. It is all information about your product or service.

After this, submit the carefully crafted information to these sites that are information hungry for the media you have prepared the information on. For example I am focusing on lead generation and website traffic so I write articles about this and some PowerPoint slides which I use for presentation. My wife is a Kinesiology clinician and trainer so she writes articles on kinesiology and how it helps people in recoup ration from injury or stress.

So this is the start. One article a day on a Blog is 365 per year and there is plenty to write about on leads, lead generation, mortgage leads, insurance leads and web site traffic.

What's next? Submit to the search engines without spamming. More articles on this topic later on.

Brian Walters
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