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Leads, keywords text links and content

Market Hive Internet toolsLeads, keywords text links and content.
From a basic perspective, people will find your site by you simply doing 3 basic things to inside your code to enhance your website. The three web site things to do is to have great keywords density, accurate meta tags and alt tags, but most of all, well crafted, meaningful content - worthy of being read by millions of people interested in your product or service? 

Remember that the purpose of content is to provide value to others. Do you provide genuine value, and is it the best you're capable of providing? If the steps above are completed, the second thing that needs to be done is outside the coding of the web site and content area, and that is to create link popularity and creative valuable content in Blogs and press releases.

Blogs enhance good keyword selection so the website is more easily found in the major search engines for they use your relevant keywords and phrases. 

Good content enhances everything. Good keyword rich content is like the glue that holds it all together. Developing content rich pages on different topics should occupy different pages! 

Concentrate on one topic per page, using your keyword rich content. Use Text Links - If you want the search engines to find you, use text links. Add a site map to your website, along with a link to it on every page! Exchanging links with other websites is a good way to increase traffic to your website. 

You need to exchange links that have a common element that you also include on your website. A link to a golf pro shop is no help if you are selling car headlight lenses. A good link exchange here would be link to a specialty site selling say golf clothing. Lead quality should be paramount. Bought Leads could be years old and been sold 100's of times and you shouldn't buy leads from anyone! 

I bet you have had leads that your competitors also had. Bought leads generated from simple capture pages are way too generic and by phoning this type of lead you really don't know what type of business they may be interested in. You are sorting then instead of lead Generating. Having control over the all the Market Hive System Website Tools is having control over your own lead generation.

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